The Oxford Club Trading Services Offer Information for Different Investing Needs

Ask Reporter recently published Rob McKinsey’s article called “Investing and Trading Advice from The Oxford Club” which discusses the twelve different trading services The Oxford Club offers to their members as well as the popular investment newsletters the company provides.

The Oxford Club offers twelve distinct trading services created to appeal to the different investment classes. They seek to provide the best information available through strategic research and provide recommendations based on that research.

One such trading services is the Advanced Energy Strategist. This is led by David Fessler, the company’s Energy and Infrastructure Strategist. He provides information to those who are looking for the most advantageous picks in the changing energy sector.

The Automatic Trading Millionaire is the trading service led by Karim Rahemtulla, the Options Strategist which provides information on collecting income and discovering stocks that are priced at a significant discount.

The Insider Alert is provided by the Chief Investment Strategist, Alexander Green. By providing in-depth information on how companies develop and grow legally and safely, Green shows investors strategies to find these unique investing opportunities.

Mr. Green also offers The Momentum Alert. By using more historical data, Green offers companies that are likely to outperform competitors while also revealing the fastest moving stocks.

Another service provided by Mr. Green is the True Value Alert, a trading service for subscribers looking for companies that are selling for less than their worth. They are not yet trading at their “true value” simply because the market has yet to discover it.

The Prime System Trader is developed by Matthew Carr, the Emerging Trends Strategist. He provides information on stocks that will beat typical market returns by 300%.

The Oxford Club offers three different membership types with different benefits for their subscribers. The Premier Membership is the entry level membership which is provided to those who have signed up for the paid publications. The Directors Circle Membership is for those who have a full commitment to the club. These subscribers have access to all three Oxford Club Newsletters. The Chairmen’s Circle Membership is the most privileged of the three, providing subscribers with access to special features and lifetime access to all their publications.

The Oxford Club was founded in 1989 with the mission of helping their members create long lasting wealth to support a rich life that extends far beyond monetary wealth.

Reasons Why Siteline Cabinets Are Ideal for Both Office And Home Spaces

When it comes to choosing a reputable company that specializes solely in the design and fabrication of modern cabinets, Siteline is the go-to company. Siteline has been on the market since 2015. The company was conceived by the Corsi Group which is also a leading manufacturer of cabinets within the American industry.

What sets aside Siteline from other companies is the firm’s adoption of modern technology and equipment in the construction of their cabinets. Siteline has long been using fabricated materials in the design and development stages for all its cabinets.

Siteline has been on the market for two years, this year marking its second year. Through the short time span, Siteline has been able to establish itself a significant player in the cabinet market. Currently, Siteline offers its clients with a vast range of well-designed cabinets that boast of excellent finishing. Other than this, Siteline cabinets have the full access features. During the designing and construction of Siteline’s cabinets, functionality is given priority as the cabinets are designed to be used in a variety of spaces that include remodeled bathrooms, offices, kitchen spaces and even workshops.

The cabinet designs that Siteline offers its clients come in multiple styles so that the cabinets can fit within an existing décor as per the taste of the client. One aspect of Siteline day to day running consists of modelling and designing cabinets that are tailormade as per the customer’s requirements.

Siteline’s capability to meet and surpass their client’s expectations through designing quality cabinets that are durable and affordable has earned the company an exceptional reputation within the cabinet design and construction industry.

Siteline is one of the companies that offer competitive pricing for its cabinets; this goes a long way in ensuring that clients buying these cabinets get more value for their money.

Siteline offers cabinets that are ideal for use in the modern home. New homeowners or homeowners who are in the process of remodeling their living spaces ought to opt for Siteline’s cabinets as they not only boast of exceptional features but can be used throughout the house. From bathrooms to laundry areas.

Success story of Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car is a leading engineering and manufacturing company in the world. This is a company that is located in Hamilton Canada, the company has been in the business of engineering and manufacturing for over hundred years. National Steel Car manufactures railroad freight cars and tank cars. This is a business that has been very successful in the region. When the company was formed in 1912, the railway’s industry was at a peak season. The demand for their products was huge. In the first years of its operations, National Steel Car received huge offers. These are the orders that would make the company reach a level of success that would not have been seen before.


The early management of the company took advantage of the peak season and decided to pump in more money to fund the expansion of the company. The result has been a company that has withstood all challenges to emerge very strong a hundred years later. National Steel Car has been very successful under the management of the current CEO. He is also the owner of the company. Gregory J Aziz has been at the helm of this company for a very long time. He is a leader who has performed very well over the years. He joined the company in 1994 when he officially bought it and have continued to serve the company since then. His years in the management have been remarkable. The growth of this company has been tremendous. Never before had this company been this big. Gregory J Aziz bought the company because he knew that he could afford to steer it in the direction that was needed. This is a task that he has managed to carry out very well. National Steel Car has been on a constant journey of growth. The achievements that were made just a few years after he joined outdid performance of other managers who were at the helm for a number of decades. He also worked for his family business Affiliated Foods, after graduating from Ridley College and later after joining Western University.


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Gregory Aziz is a brilliant economist. He has the knowledge that is needed to address the issues that have been keeping the company down. His first duty after joining this company was to ensure that this was going to be a conman that would be driven by success. He pumped in millions of dollars into the company to carry out renovation works. The results of his efforts would be clears a few years later when the company production capacity shot up from 3500 to over 12000. There was also an increase in the number of employees in the company from 600 to over 2000.

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Hussain Sajwani: A Pioneer in the Real Esate Industry

Hussain Ali Habib founded DAMAC Properties Dubai Company PJSC on June 20, 1976. The company focuses on real estate development in the Middle East. It is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.



Because of their previous successful business partnerships, the Hussain Sajwani family is looking to do more business with the Trump Organization. The two firms collaborated on the Trump International Golf Club that has earned nearly $2 billion in sales. Because of the perceived conflict of interest, Trump has stated that he won’t be involved in any new business deals while president. Sajwani said that he has a good professional and personal relationship with the Trump children and that they can handle any new business deals. Sajwani feels that Trump being president will be profitable for his company. Learn more:


The DAMAC owner takes great pride in the company’s roots in the food industry. The company supplied food to American troops during the first Gulf war in 1991 and other operations around the world to include Bosnia and Somalia. Despite being known for its real estate success, the food industry still is a big part of the company. His involvement in the food industry allowed Sajwani to make important friends across the world.


The Sajwani family is deeply committed to helping others and frequently gives back to the community. In support of the Dubai government, the company made donations to provide clothing and other goods to keep over 50,000 children warm. Mr. Sajwani believes that the kids are the future and that they need support and the right environment to be successful in life. DAMAC properties collaborated with Emirate Red Crescent to raise over $120 million dollars towards the clothing campaign. The company’s hospitality division, which was started in October 2011, focuses on support to residents of apartments they serve around the world. Learn more:

Banker, Entrepreneur, And Philanthropist – Gregory J. Aziz

He did not start as an engineer, nor did he study engineering after his high school graduation, but he is a go-getter and hard working. Gregory James Aziz was born and raised in Ontario, London in April 1949. After his High school education, Mr. Aziz joined Ridley College before majoring in Economics at the University of Western Ontario.

After his graduation from the University, the opportunist Aziz began his career serving in a family business; Affiliated Foods. He joined the food business in 1971, and as he was working at the food company, the organization experienced tremendous expansion with them expanding their portfolios, and it became one of the largest food firm that delivered fresh foods in Europe, United States, Eastern Canada South, as well as Central America.


Greg Aziz decided to pursue his career in the banking and finance industry when he joined the industry in the late 80’s. Mr. Aziz got a golden opportunity to work in the banking industry in New York. He did not stay long in the sector and Gregory J Aziz decided to venture into business. His business venture was in a totally different industry, the car, and engineering sector. In 1994, Gregory bought National Steel Car from Dofasco a Canadian Company. Greg had visions, and goals to transform the car firm to one of the largest and the leading car and freight firm in Northern America.

James Aziz was committed to change the face of the engineering and the car firm which by the time he purchased it the performance was down. Being a dreamer and hardworking it did not take long for the organization to be back on its feet. Mr. James did not only invest his capital into the business but also his human resources and capabilities as well as the experience he had to from his family business and his career as a banker.


National Steel is now built on strong team building skills, and strong engineering capabilities. Ever since Aziz took over the car and freight firm, it has grown with the organization increase the number of staff as well as the number of cars being manufactured each year. See This Article to Learn More.


Greg is not only a banker, and a successful entrepreneur but he also participates in the community development. Together with his wife the president and the Chief Executive Officer of national Steel are supporters of the largest Agriculture Trade Fair in Canada; Royal Agriculture Winter Fair. His car and engineering company has continued to produce high-quality vehicles.


Betsy DeVos Remarkable Contribution to Enhance Education Opportunities

Betsy DeVos, the school choice advocate for over 25 years and the nominee for Education Secretary, is committed to creating educational opportunities. She is born into a wealthy family of Grand Rapids, Michigan. In her current position, she is expected to make significant contributions in the revolutionizing the education sector.


DeVos has served in various leadership positions, through which led to building her skills. Betsy worked as the Great Lakes Education Project member of the board and was the chair of the American Federation for Children, pro-school-choice group. The education advocate prioritizes in increasing the choices and options of all children despite their social standards. She calls upon the community to focus on putting the kids first in every single day.


The philanthropist was a student at the Holland Christian High School, Michigan. She graduated in 1979 in business economics bachelor degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She refers to Abraham Kuyper, the neo-Calvinist as her influencer. Betsy has served as a member of North American Christian Reformed Church.


Support for Political Democrats


For decades, Devos has supported several Democrats during their political campaigns. In 2004, she donated over $150,000 towards the re-election campaign of Bush. She worked closely with the Bush administration on several projects. The renowned leader was the head of Finance in the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Since 1989, Devos has contributed over $17 million towards the support of various political candidates.


Philanthropy Contributions


The DeVos donated $11.6 million towards charitable work in 2015. Through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation that was launched in 1989, the contribution records at $139million. The organization focuses more on education and has so far donated over $100 million to support various institutions. Her focus in learning saw the contribution of $5.2 million to charter schools, $458,000 towards the support of Holland Christian Schools.


Other education facilities that benefited from the foundation are the Christian schools which received $8.6 million and $2.39 million donated to the Grand Rapids Christian High School Association. Ada Christian School earned $652,000 while $59.570 was channeled towards the public schools. The renowned leader contributed millions of dollars towards Kennedy Center for the development of the human capital. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation supported the ArtPrize with $3.5 million in 2016.


Support for education


Devos is committed to developing private schools and help more students through financial support programs termed as vouchers. She advocates for the encouragement of school charters in the United States. She believes that provision of education market will increase choices for the parents. Her advocacy for school vouchers will make it easy for students to attend private schools through public funding. She is a co-founder of All Children Matter PAC, a movement that endorses school vouchers, and private school scholarships through business tax credits.


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The initiatives Azaaz is making to the world

Azaaz was launched in 2007, in the several parts of European and Asian it means “voice.” The launch of this democratic mission had one goal in mind that is organizing all the citizens of some parts of the nation’s so that to come up with solutions that would help in the closing the gap that was there of the world that was there and the world most people wanted. Azaaz was empowering the people from all parts of life so that they will be able to take the necessary actions on the pressing issues that were taking place nationally.

Issues like the corruption, climate change, and the poverty. Azaaz had one collective force it didn’t matter the difference that was involved between them like every effort no matter how small it was made an impact. The Azaaz community is made of a community of 15 languages, served by six continents that are the core and so many volunteers that have been helpful. The come up with events and protest that will ensure that the views and values of the people have been considered when coming with any decision. They will email the government, signing petitions, direct actions and even the funding of the media campaigns to get the word out.

Each year, the Azaaz foundation will come up with priorities that will set through the member polls. Also, when it comes to the campaign ideas will be polled out of the member’s samples. Those initiatives that show to have a strong response to the community are taken to scale for consideration. The Azaaz program is more concerned with the generation, and they believe that they have to cater to each other. Everything that they do is for the better of the future and to the planet as well. And together they believe they can be able to build a world that we all want.

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Obsidian Energy In Alberta

The oil and energy fields of Obsidian Energy are found in Alberta in Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, and it has the most significant preservers of petroleum. In Alberta, it is produced in Peace River Oil Sands, Pembina Cardium, and Alberta Viking. They produce 31000 barrels of oil per day. It pays the New York stock exchange every month.



The payment of the dividends is not taxed at a dividend rate that is regular because the assets of the trust are resources that have been depleted as return capital rather than return on investment. The advantages of Bonavista Energy, Baytex Energy, Bonterra and Daylight Resources from Penn West producing oil and gas had also been included.



Penn West had to change its name to Obsidian Energy. Being the CEO of the company, Dave French chose the name because the Volcanic glass occurs naturally, and it is sharpened and honed. There have been high debts, and Dave French had to survive them. Visit This Web Page for more.



The net debt reduced to 384 million dollars which had been allowed by the asset sales as it’s focus was sharpened to the four critical areas of production in the company. Compensation of the board of directors had to be reduced, and payments of dividends to the shareholders had to be reduced in Penn West.



The organization and the assets have been crafted, and it helps in providing a platform which is right to offer results and also a spirit of entrepreneurship hence Obsidian is successful. The company has displayed discipline, and they like what they do. Their partners, shareholders, and communities where they operate are being accountable.



New York Stock Exchange of the price of its stock helps Obsidian Energy to receive standard listing notifications. NYSE got a notification from Obsidian Energy which was to assist in reducing the rates. The stock price would be monitored tightly so that the options available would be evaluated hence there is compliance with NYSE’S listing of prices by Obsidian Energy.



In conclusion, the asset sales that were allowed had to reduce the net debt by the company.


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The Oil And Gas Producing Company, Obsidian Energy

Obsidian Energy is a power producing firm that creates finished quality oil and gas to users. It has a well-coordinated range of investment in the industry. In a typical day, it provides almost 30,000 barrels in a day. With all these assets, they combine and make the most out of it for profits.


The personnel working there are passionate about what they do having the discipline required for the extraction of quality energy that is needed by the population while protecting the environment. The management is also steering the company to the direction that is necessary for accountability with the stakeholders and in the surrounding community.


The Obsidian Energy was formerly known as Penn West Petroleum Limited, but the name was changed after approval by the leadership. The organization had undergone some modifications that required rebranding. The company is situated in Alberta in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin that has the most extensive stock of petroleum. Obsidian Energy produces the valuable produce in mines located at Pembina Cardium, Peace River Oil sands, and Alberta Viking.


In the year 2008, the company paid high dividends at an annual rate of 15% to 16% which were taken back to the company as investments. The shareholders of the company are people who understand whenever the company is facing problems, and that is why they voted in favor of the changing the name of the organization by 92%. In the next three years, Obsidian envisions a growth having a fixed price in the price of oil and gas.


According to Dave French, the name Obsidian Energy was chosen because of its meaning, naturally occurring volcanic rocks that can be modified; and so can the company. The assets sales have managed to keep the business running, and it is hopeful that more gains will be attained in the next financial year.


Dave French is also looking forward to getting more investors on board to take the firm to a new level and increase the marketing of the finished product. As a result, there will be more profits and steer the company forward would not be a hard task for the management.


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Securus Technologies Helping Shape the Future of the Prisoners Once they Complete their Sentencing

The prison industry in the country is going through positive changes that allow the prisoners to prepare for their life outside while still inside the prison. It includes keeping in touch with the families and taking courses that will enable them to get better employment opportunities and start a new life. It is made possible by large companies such as Securus Technologies that are investing heavily in more modern communication technology solutions. The company has been around for a while and offers their services to prisons, correctional facilities, law enforcement agencies and others. From communication technology to improved health care, the company is known to provide their services at a subsidized rate that is not heavy in the pockets of the prisoners and their loved ones. Securus Technologies aims to expand their services to many other areas such as educational programs for the prisoners through tablet technology. They would be allowed to study and also give exams to receive certifications.


Being in prison was hard for me as I was unable to look after my family who needed me. I was in prison for stealing and had to serve two years for it. It was during that time that Securus Technologies introduced their tablet-based system in prison. I was able to take up a course through it and took assessment tests that allowed us to get certification for it. It helped me get a job once I left the prison. I showed the potential employer that I regretted stealing and did something useful with my time in prison. I landed a job quite quickly and plan to stay clean.


It is only because of the efforts of Securus Technologies and their innovative services that people like me can start their life afresh after leaving the prison. My family and I have never been happier in our entire life.