Amicus Therapeutics Is Revolutionizing Treatment For Rare Diseases

Amicus Therapeutics is a rare company specializing in rare debilitating disorders. They are leading the healthcare industry forward with their biotechnology company that is currently global. They are listed under the Nasdaq as FOLD. They have spent years working to find cures and medications for the world’s most devastating rare and orphan diseases. Their most recognized product is migalastat, which is an individually designed medication for individuals suffering from Fabry disease. They have also brought to market SD-101, which is the first medication on the market which helps treat Epidermolysis Bullosa; a rare genetic connective tissue disorder. They are working on therapies for a range of diseases including Fabry disease, Pompe disease, and various other Lysosomal Storage Disorders.

The programs they invest in have to deal with rare diseases or devastating disorders, the therapy being created and promoted must be the best option on the market, and it needs to be supported by promising, detailed and customer-minded clinical data. Amicus Therapeutics is renowned for maintaining a personal and sympathetic relationship with their patients, caregivers, and families. They nurture their relationship with their patients by hanging photographs of them with the diseases they suffer from and sharing a narrative on the struggles they endure every day. Their lives are honored and their identities are recognized. The Amicus Therapeutics team consistently look forward towards the future developing new technologies to better the lives of their patients. (GoogleFinance).

They believe in and understand the fight against rare diseases. They work to support the communities around their patients while constantly innovating the therapies they offer. Amicus believes in taking intelligent and well thought out risks, as well as never letting themselves be held down by prior ways of thinking.

Amicus Therapeutics employees also pride themselves on constantly remaining open, honest, and respectful. They are recognized for thinking differently, having fun with their research and keeping a balanced work and personal life.

Patient Advocacy is extremely important to Amicus Therapeutics, so much so they have an entire group dedicated to it. A larger variety of people involved with the professionals, patients and their families participate in their Patient Advocacy group. This interaction shows that there is a great opportunity where patients, scientists, professionals and employees can work together to create a better environment, experience and therapies for the present and the future.

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Richard Mishaan Design Firm Will Decorate Your Home in an Expansive Style

The country’s top designers and architects, for the 45th year in a row, have decorated an extremely expensive home in New York. It has five bedrooms and nearly 10,000 square feet of space to work with. They have each given some advice on the do’s and dont’s of decorating, which if heeded could afford you a perfectly decorated home without the expense of a decorator.


Don’t be afraid to use color in your home. Granted men tend to want the darker colors, gray’s and black, dark browns. One designer said that the best way to have the masculine feel you want, paint the walls white, put a chocolate rug down and get a gray sofa. There are unlimited choices to make in designing any home, quality furniture is key.

Do not use rough-hewn wood in excess, contrast it with something that will add polish and shine. The room in question had exposed beams and they offset that by using a high-gloss lacquer paint. There was also a nice cobblestone fireplace, used black plaster on the base and put a great furry rug on the floor, making a cozy, comfortable space to relax in. Architectural glass is very “in” right now as well, which helps to update and modernize a home.


Instead of putting all the furniture back against the walls, try creating a few seating areas. Push the furniture a few feet into the room, which is called “floating the furniture”. You can, in this way, create places to lounge or work.


Decorating on a budget? Buy something that stands out like a great piece of art or a rug. Even buying great accent chairs with unique upholstery will work.


One of the designers involved in this project is a the incredible Richard Mishaan, of Richard Mishaan Design who is a world renown interior decorator. He has been selected for the Elle Décor A List and the AD 100. Richard Mishaan has written two books on decorating and design, Modern Luxury, and Artfully Modern.


He was born in Cartagena, Columbia. He has a love for color which shows by his use of bright hues and very refined furniture. It is common today to mix styles and eras, however, Richard has been doing this for the past 30 years. His cultural roots have given him an understanding of luxury and quality. His style is expansive. Feel free to check out his Twitter to learn more about this fascinating artist who has captivated the furniture, design, and architecture industries.