National Steel Car: From Bankruptcy to Success

Every company would experience failure sometime during their existence, but if they endure and faced the challenges head-on, the tides could turn, and they can become successful. The same fate happened with the National Steel Car, but they never surrendered the fight. Today, the company is recognized as the leading manufacturer of rolling stocks, and they are one of the fastest growing Canadian company. All of it became possible as they never let their guards down, and with strong and dedicated leadership under Gregory James Aziz, the company managed to grow tremendously through the years eclipsing their success during the first years of their operation.



More than a century ago in Hamilton, Ontario, several wealthy members of the community banded together to speak about the government’s project of creating a massive network of railroad for the Canadians to use. It will run from the eastern coast of the country to its barren western coast, connecting all of Canada’s territories and provinces. The wealthy individuals thought of creating a company that will greatly benefit from the project, and one of them had the idea of establishing a rolling stock manufacturing facility that will create train cars that can be sold to the government and other private rail transportation companies. After realizing that it would become successful, the group decided to establish the National Steel Car in 1912, as Imperial Car Inc.



The National Steel Car was the first of its kind in Canada, and investors are starting to put their money in the company with hopes that it will grow further, and their investments would come a long way. The government found out about the National Steel Car and they placed their order for new rolling stocks. Large rail transport companies also signed contracts with the National Steel Car to be their official rolling stock provider. The business is going strong, and the early years of National Steel Car’s operation is considered as its Golden Age. However, good things do not last. See This Article for additional information



The National Steel Car faced several crises after the 1920s, going through different owners until they were sold to Greg Aziz in 1994. Greg Aziz is a businessman and an entrepreneur who has experiences in the financial industry. He purchased the company with hopes of returning the company to its former glory, and because of his unique way of handling business and the continuous encouragement he is giving his employees, the company managed to bounce back and deliver satisfying results.


National Steel Car also loves giving back to the community. Greg Aziz and his wire sponsors the annual Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and the Anglestone Tournament.

National Steel Car Under The Leadership Of Gregory James Aziz


Gregory James Aziz purchased the National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994, and in just a short period of time, he managed to transform the company into one of his most valuable assets. During the time when Gregory J Aziz purchased the company, it was struggling from the effects of the rolling stock manufacturing crisis from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. He retained the 600 plus employees working at that time, and he told them that he believes in their skills and knowledge on how to operate the rolling stock manufacturing facility. He also added that their expertise is needed in order to return the company back to its former glory. The kind of leadership that Gregory James Aziz presented inspired the employees working for the National Steel Car, and they decided to work hard so that the company can attain new heights.


Seeing how small the labor force of the company is, Gregory James Aziz decided to employ an additional 2,400 employees to work at the manufacturing facility. The number of employees at the National Steel Car rose to more than 3,000, and Gregory James Aziz was told that he could not pay for all of their salaries. However, Gregory James Aziz remained positive putting his trust in the hands of the employees. Because the number of the workers rose, the number of rolling stocks manufactured also went higher. From more than 3,000 rolling stocks produced each year, the number rose to more than 12,000 rolling stocks manufactured. The products created by the employees are also of high quality, and Gregory James Aziz managed to sign deals and contracts with different railroad transport companies in Canada and the United States. The railroad transport companies decided to buy rolling stocks manufactured by the National Steel Car because of their quality.

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Under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, the company also received an ISO 9001:2008 certification, certifying that the company is operating under quality standards, and that the employees are receiving the benefits that are mandated by the government. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade. Gregory James Aziz is proud of his accomplishments, and the National Steel Car is one of those. He was awarded multiple times because of how he transformed the once struggling National Steel Car into one of the most successful manufacturing companies in Canada. Gregory James Aziz, when receiving the awards, thanked his dedicated employees who are working hard to create high quality rolling stocks. (View Source:

How Gregory Aziz Is Influencing The Freight Industry

The freight industry has struggled for a long time. There have been many issues with it and that has led to some issues for people who are trying to make things better on their own. Gregory Aziz knew this when he got involved with the freight industry, but he wanted to make sure he was helping other people out with the issues they were facing. One of the main reasons he chose to be a part of the steel car industry was because he was going to make money from it. The other reason he had chosen to do it was to help an industry that was failing and was becoming detrimental for the people who were working in it.


Since Gregory J Aziz wanted to make sure he was doing things right, he spent a lot of time getting the experience that would be required to run a business. He became extremely sought after because he was so successful at fixing businesses and making them better. In addition, he knew he would be able to try different things if he was able to help people with their issues. For Gregory Aziz to do this, he had to be sure he was helping instead of hurting those who were in the situations he liked. See This Page for related information.


National Steel Car was established in 1912 under the name Imperial Steel Car. NSC was the perfect chance for Greg Aziz to make sure he was helping people. He was also making sure there would be a chance for him to do his best to the industry standards. When Gregory Aziz had started National Steel Car, he saw there was some value in the industry. He also saw there was something he could do to try and make things better for those who were in a bad situation. It is what led Aziz to try new things and even being a part of the industry.


For Gregory Aziz to do all of these things, he had to try to show others what they needed from him. Gregory J Aziz came up with several different development options for steel cars. One of the biggest things he did was make sure he was helping people realize what they were missing by not using the produced steel cars. Aziz taught them that in a failing industry, having the best steel cars and the best options available to them would give them the ability to continue making money and staying relevant in the industry.

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Success story of Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car is a leading engineering and manufacturing company in the world. This is a company that is located in Hamilton Canada, the company has been in the business of engineering and manufacturing for over hundred years. National Steel Car manufactures railroad freight cars and tank cars. This is a business that has been very successful in the region. When the company was formed in 1912, the railway’s industry was at a peak season. The demand for their products was huge. In the first years of its operations, National Steel Car received huge offers. These are the orders that would make the company reach a level of success that would not have been seen before.


The early management of the company took advantage of the peak season and decided to pump in more money to fund the expansion of the company. The result has been a company that has withstood all challenges to emerge very strong a hundred years later. National Steel Car has been very successful under the management of the current CEO. He is also the owner of the company. Gregory J Aziz has been at the helm of this company for a very long time. He is a leader who has performed very well over the years. He joined the company in 1994 when he officially bought it and have continued to serve the company since then. His years in the management have been remarkable. The growth of this company has been tremendous. Never before had this company been this big. Gregory J Aziz bought the company because he knew that he could afford to steer it in the direction that was needed. This is a task that he has managed to carry out very well. National Steel Car has been on a constant journey of growth. The achievements that were made just a few years after he joined outdid performance of other managers who were at the helm for a number of decades. He also worked for his family business Affiliated Foods, after graduating from Ridley College and later after joining Western University.


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Gregory Aziz is a brilliant economist. He has the knowledge that is needed to address the issues that have been keeping the company down. His first duty after joining this company was to ensure that this was going to be a conman that would be driven by success. He pumped in millions of dollars into the company to carry out renovation works. The results of his efforts would be clears a few years later when the company production capacity shot up from 3500 to over 12000. There was also an increase in the number of employees in the company from 600 to over 2000.

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Banker, Entrepreneur, And Philanthropist – Gregory J. Aziz

He did not start as an engineer, nor did he study engineering after his high school graduation, but he is a go-getter and hard working. Gregory James Aziz was born and raised in Ontario, London in April 1949. After his High school education, Mr. Aziz joined Ridley College before majoring in Economics at the University of Western Ontario.

After his graduation from the University, the opportunist Aziz began his career serving in a family business; Affiliated Foods. He joined the food business in 1971, and as he was working at the food company, the organization experienced tremendous expansion with them expanding their portfolios, and it became one of the largest food firm that delivered fresh foods in Europe, United States, Eastern Canada South, as well as Central America.


Greg Aziz decided to pursue his career in the banking and finance industry when he joined the industry in the late 80’s. Mr. Aziz got a golden opportunity to work in the banking industry in New York. He did not stay long in the sector and Gregory J Aziz decided to venture into business. His business venture was in a totally different industry, the car, and engineering sector. In 1994, Gregory bought National Steel Car from Dofasco a Canadian Company. Greg had visions, and goals to transform the car firm to one of the largest and the leading car and freight firm in Northern America.

James Aziz was committed to change the face of the engineering and the car firm which by the time he purchased it the performance was down. Being a dreamer and hardworking it did not take long for the organization to be back on its feet. Mr. James did not only invest his capital into the business but also his human resources and capabilities as well as the experience he had to from his family business and his career as a banker.


National Steel is now built on strong team building skills, and strong engineering capabilities. Ever since Aziz took over the car and freight firm, it has grown with the organization increase the number of staff as well as the number of cars being manufactured each year. See This Article to Learn More.


Greg is not only a banker, and a successful entrepreneur but he also participates in the community development. Together with his wife the president and the Chief Executive Officer of national Steel are supporters of the largest Agriculture Trade Fair in Canada; Royal Agriculture Winter Fair. His car and engineering company has continued to produce high-quality vehicles.


Gregory Aziz’s Success in the Railroad Industry

Gregory James Aziz is the CEO of National Steel Car, one of the leading manufacturers of railroad freight cars in North America. The company is based in Hamilton, ON, Canada.The 68-year-old began his career at Affiliated Foods, which was owned by his family. He worked at Affiliated Foods for several years and by the time he was leaving the company, it had grown tremendously. It was importing food from South America, Central America and Europe, and distributing it to various parts of the U.S. and Canada. After leaving Affiliated Foods in the 1980s, James Aziz worked with a number of investment banks in New York and gained a lot of experience in this sector while at it. This is how he came across National Steel Car and realized it was a great investment opportunity.



National Steel Car prospers under Gregory Aziz’s Leadership


After National Steel Car was purchased from Dofasco, he became the CEO of the company. He had very big dreams from the company right from the start. National Steel Car had already been in operation for more than 8 decades and had a great reputation in the Canadian railroad industry by the time Gregory James Aziz became the CEO. But Greg Aziz knew the company still had a lot of potential for growth. He wanted to make an impact on the railroad industry in North America through National Steel Car.


Within just 5 years after the company was purchased from Dofasco, the company’s production capacity had grown by over 200%. It also created a lot of employment opportunities because of this tremendous increase in production capacity. Greg is also the president and chairman and president of the company, and all these positions are extremely demanding to say the least. National Steel Car has continued to prosper under the leadership of Greg Aziz, and today, it is the leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars in North America. Although this is what Greg wanted when he took over the leadership of the company, he still believes the company has the capacity to grow even further. He holds an economics degree from the University of Western Ontario.

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Few people are as committed to excellence as Greg Aziz is, and this is what makes him such a greater leader. Saying that he has had a successful career in the railroad industry just does not cut it. His has been a remarkable journey, thanks to his dedication and discipline.

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Greg Aziz: The history of National Steel Car

Greg Aziz or Gregory James Aziz is one of the prominent entrepreneurs in Canada. Greg is the president and CEO of the biggest railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering company in the world known as National Steel Car. National Steel Car has its headquarters in Hamilton, Canada. National Steel Car is known for being the world’s largest manufacturer of Rolling stock. It was established in 1912, and since then it has been operating nonstop for now over a hundred years. In its entire lifetime, National Steel Car has been ranking among the top three rolling stock manufacturers in Canada. National Steel Car which is currently under the leadership of James Aziz is a subsidiary of the famous National Industries Inc.


National Steel Car has a long and interesting history since its formation in 1912. First of all, National Steel Car was established by the great investor Sir John Morison Gibson together with partners from Basil Magor Car Corporation. Basil Magor Car Corporation was supposed to lead the initiative of establishing National Steel Car Project. They set up the factory in Hamilton, Canada, where it is seven till today. Basil Magor Corporation was the first entity to act as the general manager of National Steel Car immediately after it was established. National Steel Car was very successful in its very first years of its operations, a thing that inspired its owners to keep investing in the project. Just after one year of operations, the company’s production of rolling stock had reached its all-time high. This initial success is attributed to the timing of the establishment of the business. At the time, the railroad industry was performing very well and was a key part of the growth of the economy. See This Article.


The first orders that the company received were from the Pacific Railway, a Canadian corporation that needed to be supplied with boxcar orders. The company was for the first time privatized in 1919 after it was purchased by Donald Symington and Robert Magor. The company then changed the name to become National Steel Car Corporation Limited.


In 1962, National Steel Car was bought by Dofasco. However, by 1990s Dofasco was unable to continue managing the corporation. This is when Greg James Aziz stepped in and bought the company. Greg Aziz managed to overturn the operations of the corporation, and by 2000 it was the best manufacturer of railroad freight cars in the region. The number of cars produced annually increased from 3500 to over 12500. The number of workers also improved from 500 to about 3000.

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