Adam Milstein: A Positive Influence Worldwide

With today’s world being as hectic and uncertain as ever, it’s more important than ever to have people who are positive influences in the lives of others. While this may describe many people, Adam Milstein is in a class by himself. A noted philanthropist and businessperson, Adam has spent the majority of his adult life helping others make their dreams come true. Named as one of the Top 100 People Influencing Jewish Life, Adam Milstein has chosen to use his unique talents and passion for Jewish heritage to make the world a better place in which to live.

The Foundations of Success

Along with his wife Gila, Adam has founded numerous foundations and organizations over the years. Most noted for the Milstein Family Foundation, Adam Milstein uses this to help schools, nonprofits, and other organizations help young people learn more about the Jewish heritage, and how they can use this knowledge to improve not only their own lives, but those of others as well. And along with his foundation, Adam and his wife are also known for helping people throughout the world discover not only their Jewish roots, but also the joy of reading. Having founded SifriyatPijamaB’America, this organization works closely with many Jewish families in the United States and elsewhere by sending them free books each month that are written in Hebrew. By doing so, these families feel far less isolated due to their faith, and in fact learn to have pride in their heritage.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Having earned college degrees in Business Administration and Economics, Adam Milstein uses his entrepreneurial skills in conjunction with his philanthropy to assist others. For example, he uses his experience in commercial real estate to help organizations learn the basics of running businesses, fundraising, and other related ventures. By helping people in this way, organizations discover new and exciting ways to promote themselves as well as their Jewish heritage. Determined to be a positive influence worldwide, Adam Milstein will continue to use the Milstein Family Foundation to promote Jewish heritage, educate students, and allow professionals to realize anything is possible.