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Wealth solutions is a United Wealth Advisors Group that offers investment services and financial planning to its clients. It is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm based in the Austin, Texas area. Its founder, Richard Blair, acts as both an advisor and partner to such clients. He has spent years figuring out the best methods for providing sound investment opportunities.


Wealth Solutions has gained a reputation in the industry for its unique financial planning process. Richard Blair built the foundation of the process on the belief that everyone needs a solid plan to achieve success in whatever is their passion.


Wealth Solutions arms the members of the Austin community by employing a three step approach. It is as easy to comprehend as it is effective. This is especially important for those who are relatively unfamiliar with wealth management. The approach is also pliable therefore, allowing it to be tailored for each clients individual needs.


The first step is all about Wealth Solutions getting a better understanding of their client’s financial situation. This informs the firm of how to move forward in the process after considering strengths, goals, risk tolerance, and growth opportunities.


Step two makes sustainability a top priority. It entails the development of a long-term strategy that can make the best use of a clients growth opportunities. It even figures in a way to reduce losses to a clients investment when the market is experiencing a downturn.


Last but not least, the final step tackles the confusing subject of insurance. Primarily long-term care and life insurance.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions


Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions nearly 25 years ago. Once he chose to pursue a career in finance he was basically destined to be an advisor considering his affinity for teaching. Which isn’t surprising as he comes from a teaching background, given both his mother and grandmother were educators. Because of the career they chose he was able to see firsthand the impact teaching can have on a person’ life.


Today, his firm is one of the leading providers of wealth management services in the U.S. And it is in large due part to Blair’s leadership.


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