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The leading Canadian rail company, National Steel Car, has dominated the market in all of North America. This is thanks to Gregory James Aziz and the wise business practices he initiated during his time as Chief Executive Officer. He was so influential in the company, the when he stepped down as CEO, he became the Chairman of the Board.


Greg James Aziz is proud of his Canadian heritage. When he became the CEO of National Steel Car, he relocated their headquarters to be stationed in Hamilton, Ontario.


Greg Aziz would gain a bachelor’s Degree in Economics with an emphasis in business practices from the Canadian college Western University. Through the one-on-one training he received from professors, he would take National Steel Car to new heights.


Gregory James Aziz brought innovation back to National Steel Car. He knew that the economy had changed, and the world was changing day by day. He cast this vision of constantly pushing themselves throughout the company. He raised the bar in their industry.


Gregory James Aziz made it the priority of National Steel Car to develop a process of efficiency. He knew that innovative vision was not enough if they could not quickly implement what they dreamed of. He worked with engineers and executives to make the production lines more streamlined so that custom products could be built faster. This ability to innovate and be efficient led to National Steel Car being the primary choice for both the Canadian and American governments.


Gregory James Aziz recently delivered the keynote address at National Steel Car’s Centennial celebration. He invited previous CEOs to come and share a few words so that the team of National Steel Car could see just how far they’ve come over the years. When James Aziz took the podium, after the standing ovation died down, he thanked all who made National Steel Car what it is today. He began thanking the executives for taking the vision of excellence and letting it permeate throughout National Steel Car. He then thanked the customer who continued with National Steel Car even when the economy was struggling. He showed his gratitude to his workforce and suppliers who gave their best to National Steel Car. Read This Article for more information.


Gregory James Aziz also became an advocate for the environment. Working as the Chairman of National Industries he has been able to lead the railway sector to produce fewer carbon emissions.


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