Joel Friant Relaunches His Hugely Successful Habanero Shaker Product

When it comes to creating and building company’s Joel Friant is a very enthusiastic person. He loves to both create products and sell things to other people. He has extensive experience in real estate as he has been a sales agent and a top-selling mortgage originator. Early in his career he did home remodeling. He used this experience later in life when he bought homes, fixed any issues they had himself, and then sold the homes in a process known as house flipping.

The food industry, though, is one that Joel Friant loves to work in. Back in 1995 he owned his own restaurant and was known in the community as “The Thai Guy“. He also has a passion for spicy foods. A friend of his when he was in high school gave him a habanero pepper and he was hooked on the spot to the heat and the flavor. Later in life he used his passion for habaneros to launch The Habanero Shaker. This was sold in small bottles in grocery store chains in the state of Washington. It got rave reviews from customers and from people that know him.

Joel Friant got busy with other things in life and discontinued The Habanero Shaker a number of years ago. However, in 2012 he became really interested in selling things on the internet. It would help to keep his costs low and his products widely available to sell things on internet commerce websites. He had people in his life asking him about The Habanero Shaker so he put two and two together between this product and online retail.

The result of this epiphany was the launch in 2012 of The Original Habanero Shaker. It’s now widely available through Amazon and it’s getting rave reviews from most of the people who have bought it (with the exception of some because the well-worn phrase of “You can’t please everyone” is true in all things). It’s the only habanero shaker on the market that has habanero flakes as its one and only ingredient. All of the other mix in other things like cheap spices and salt.

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