Gregory Aziz: A Vision of the Future

Gregory James Aziz is a name you should know if you are familiar with the railroad industry. He has become one of the most influential and innovative names in the industry today, and thanks to his business acumen and ability to help struggling companies, the railroad industry is still alive. His work with National Steel Car put him on the map and helped to keep North America’s railroads moving.


Greg Aziz was born in London, Ontario in 1949. He attended college at Western University and graduated with a degree in Economics before joining his family’s business, Affiliated Foods. During his 16 years at the company, Aziz learned a lot about business strategy and restructuring. He used this knowledge to increase the number of suppliers used by Affiliated Foods, and he even started a distribution network into the United States, making Affiliated Foods an international company for the first time. After he left Affiliated Foods, he struck up some investment opportunities in New York. Now he was flush with cash and ready for his next big project. He set his sights on National Steel Car.


National Steel Car was a rolling stock and freight car manufacturer located in Ontario. Having been in business since 1912, the company was no stranger to changing economic and environmental conditions. However, previous owners had failed to change their focus and strategy over the years, and Gregory J Aziz found that they were using an outdated business model. Seeing that there was potential for growth at the company, he purchased it in 1994.


Gregory J. Aziz set to work on NSC. He created a new long-term vision for the company that focused on engineering, design, and innovation. He wanted to be the first railcar producer to start a trend, and he wanted to always be two steps in front of regulators that were changing safety specifications of railcars every few years. He went to work with prospective customers, using what he learned at Affiliated Foods to secure new deals all over North America instead of just in Ontario. Aziz also spent a lot of money on capital projects to increase production. He increased the labor force from 600 to 3,000 to help with the new demand that the company was seeing. Before the decade was out, NSC was back at the top of the industry. Go Here for additional information.

Now National Steel Car is one of the only remaining players in the game. With the help of Greg Aziz, NSC has innovated and changed its strategy in a way that will make its success continue into the future.


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