Betsy DeVos Prepares for Long Political Battle Over Education.

When Betsy DeVos decided to throw her name into the ring for the Secretary of Education position, she couldn’t have possibly assumed that she’d have won the job — at least in any other administration. Betsy DeVos, a reformer and devout school choice activist from Michigan, was selected and summarily confirmed by the Senate in order to take on the job offered to her by President Donald J. Trump. President Trump came to Washington D.C. by riding a wave that promised to change the government into something more resembling the common man and woman of America. In order to do this, President Trump promised to buck convention and look instead to outsiders to change the political machine from within. As a result, DeVos quickly rose to the top of the discussion thanks to her resume, history, and devotion to the job. Learn more:


If you were to do a semi-deep search on school choice, you’d quickly find that Betsy DeVos is one of the most prominent and vocal activists of the concept. DeVos, like millions of other conservatives around the country, believes that education should be left in the hands of parents and local communities. This has brought her to try to introduce legislation at a state level in order to make school choice more possible. She’s found success, despite heavy opposition, and now more than 17 states have adopted school choice programs. In fact, almost a quarter of a million students are currently enrolled in school choice institutes. This success by Betsy DeVos came when she was just a private citizen, so it stands to reason that President Trump assumed she could do even more with the power of his administration behind her.


To get to know Betsy DeVos, you’ll have to discard everything you’ve seen or heard about her at face value. Betsy DeVos has a quiet and calm demeanor and it has often been mistaken as a source of weakness in her political opponents. That mistaken identity turns into political self-sabotage as DeVos presents her real bulldog-like attack methods. Betsy DeVos is one of the most stringent political fighters in the entire Trump Administration, and that’s really saying something especially with as anti-establishment as the Trump admin. Still, DeVos has to prove herself every time she heads into a meeting but she won’t have to do that for long, especially if her success keeps up.


Betsy DeVos has used her relatively short period of time in office to try and get the word out regarding her goals. This has largely manifested itself in DeVos visiting various school choice institutes all around the country, with the majority of her visits being focused in Florida at places like the Excel Academy. If Betsy DeVos wants to spread school choice to the rest of the nation, then she has a lot of work ahead of her. However, if anyone is up to the task it has to be Betsy DeVos to do the job. Only time will tell how well she does, but the future is looking bright for her mission.

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