Shiraz Boghani Offers His Expertise For The Hotel Industry

Shiraz Boghani has a successful history of negotiating hotel and single asset deals. He wears a lot of professional hats. He is presently the Founding Partner of Sojourn Hotels LLP. He also serves as its Chairman. He can also claim partnership with Sussex Health Care Limited.

An additional hat includes being a Managing Partner at The Splendid Hotels group where he occupies the Director’s Chair. The Splendid Hotel Group is one of the leading UK hotel groups that is privately owned. There are 20 hotels in their portfolio.

As mentioned, Boghani is an exceptional hotelier with over three decades of experience. One might say that he has a deep passion for his profession, which has resulted in several distinctive awards. These awards include “Hotelier of the Year” by the Asian Business Awards 2016. He has mastered the skills needed to combine leadership with his vast reservoir of knowledge concerning the hotel industry.


Shiraz Boghani originates from Kenya, and migrated in 1969 to the UK. There, he began his initial training as an account at a small firm. He has always been a smart, forward-thinking and astute business man. His alertness allowed him to key in on specific business development opportunities. One of those opportunities was Sussex Health Care. Founded in 1985, 500 beds and 18 care homes comprise its portfolio. Boghani also provides resources for charitable organizations and other services.

Boghani, as a managing partner and of Sojourn Hotel LLP, he is also involved in the acquisition, development, and the management of hotels. According to statistics, the hotel business saw some of its best occupancy numbers during 2017. The UK is a region that seems to be attracting investors as well as guests. This means a lot of deal making for those who navigate the industry.

Overall, tourism and travel are holding steady across the world. Factors include an outlook for domestic and international air travel, number of new hotels opened or planning to open, corporate profits, the stock market, and the industry’s utilization of capacity. Many of the numbers point in the right direction for 2018 expectations. Boghani continue to be a man on the move.