National Steel Car: From Bankruptcy to Success

Every company would experience failure sometime during their existence, but if they endure and faced the challenges head-on, the tides could turn, and they can become successful. The same fate happened with the National Steel Car, but they never surrendered the fight. Today, the company is recognized as the leading manufacturer of rolling stocks, and they are one of the fastest growing Canadian company. All of it became possible as they never let their guards down, and with strong and dedicated leadership under Gregory James Aziz, the company managed to grow tremendously through the years eclipsing their success during the first years of their operation.



More than a century ago in Hamilton, Ontario, several wealthy members of the community banded together to speak about the government’s project of creating a massive network of railroad for the Canadians to use. It will run from the eastern coast of the country to its barren western coast, connecting all of Canada’s territories and provinces. The wealthy individuals thought of creating a company that will greatly benefit from the project, and one of them had the idea of establishing a rolling stock manufacturing facility that will create train cars that can be sold to the government and other private rail transportation companies. After realizing that it would become successful, the group decided to establish the National Steel Car in 1912, as Imperial Car Inc.



The National Steel Car was the first of its kind in Canada, and investors are starting to put their money in the company with hopes that it will grow further, and their investments would come a long way. The government found out about the National Steel Car and they placed their order for new rolling stocks. Large rail transport companies also signed contracts with the National Steel Car to be their official rolling stock provider. The business is going strong, and the early years of National Steel Car’s operation is considered as its Golden Age. However, good things do not last. See This Article for additional information



The National Steel Car faced several crises after the 1920s, going through different owners until they were sold to Greg Aziz in 1994. Greg Aziz is a businessman and an entrepreneur who has experiences in the financial industry. He purchased the company with hopes of returning the company to its former glory, and because of his unique way of handling business and the continuous encouragement he is giving his employees, the company managed to bounce back and deliver satisfying results.


National Steel Car also loves giving back to the community. Greg Aziz and his wire sponsors the annual Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and the Anglestone Tournament.