Obsidian Energy Cares About the Community

Obsidian Energy is involved in the business of producing oil and gas with an asset base that produces about 30,000 boe per day. The company’s management, together with its asset base, provides the right medium for delivering positive results. Its core values revolve around discipline and passion, and accountability to its shareholders. It is a company that believes in community engagement and always strives to form partnerships with the communities within which they operate.



The firm was initially known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd but later rebranded to become Obsidian Energy in 2017. The company engages the local communities through their Community Matters program and aim at conducting responsible and respectful operations within such communities. It encourages its employees and contractors to engage openly with the local communities to address pertinent concerns that might arise as a result of their activities of producing oil and gas. It also strives to minimize the impact its activities have on the environment. It has set up environmental programs that aim to meet or exceed environmental rules and regulations, embrace communication among stakeholders including the adoption of proper site abandonment and reclamation practices. (Find Related Information Here.)



Safety is of key importance to the company’s activities. It has a wide range of safety programs aimed at cushioning and protecting its employees and the local community in general. These programs act as mitigating measures against environmental degradation and also for serious accidents. The company continues to adapt stringent safety standards, training, programs, awareness and employee and contractor safety. Obsidian Energy has the ability to respond to any emergency situation promptly and safely.



It maintains a comprehensive Emergency Response Programs in all its activities. These ERPs have been developed in collaboration with the local or volunteer emergency organizations and major stakeholders in the communities. This consultative approach is aimed at ensuring that the company’s procedures and responsibilities are clear in case of emergencies. These regulations and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis with the technical information and current stakeholders. These activities are shared to the local communities through awareness initiatives and response training programs with first responder groups and stakeholders.


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