Success story of Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car is a leading engineering and manufacturing company in the world. This is a company that is located in Hamilton Canada, the company has been in the business of engineering and manufacturing for over hundred years. National Steel Car manufactures railroad freight cars and tank cars. This is a business that has been very successful in the region. When the company was formed in 1912, the railway’s industry was at a peak season. The demand for their products was huge. In the first years of its operations, National Steel Car received huge offers. These are the orders that would make the company reach a level of success that would not have been seen before.


The early management of the company took advantage of the peak season and decided to pump in more money to fund the expansion of the company. The result has been a company that has withstood all challenges to emerge very strong a hundred years later. National Steel Car has been very successful under the management of the current CEO. He is also the owner of the company. Gregory J Aziz has been at the helm of this company for a very long time. He is a leader who has performed very well over the years. He joined the company in 1994 when he officially bought it and have continued to serve the company since then. His years in the management have been remarkable. The growth of this company has been tremendous. Never before had this company been this big. Gregory J Aziz bought the company because he knew that he could afford to steer it in the direction that was needed. This is a task that he has managed to carry out very well. National Steel Car has been on a constant journey of growth. The achievements that were made just a few years after he joined outdid performance of other managers who were at the helm for a number of decades. He also worked for his family business Affiliated Foods, after graduating from Ridley College and later after joining Western University.


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Gregory Aziz is a brilliant economist. He has the knowledge that is needed to address the issues that have been keeping the company down. His first duty after joining this company was to ensure that this was going to be a conman that would be driven by success. He pumped in millions of dollars into the company to carry out renovation works. The results of his efforts would be clears a few years later when the company production capacity shot up from 3500 to over 12000. There was also an increase in the number of employees in the company from 600 to over 2000.

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