Securus Technologies Helping Shape the Future of the Prisoners Once they Complete their Sentencing

The prison industry in the country is going through positive changes that allow the prisoners to prepare for their life outside while still inside the prison. It includes keeping in touch with the families and taking courses that will enable them to get better employment opportunities and start a new life. It is made possible by large companies such as Securus Technologies that are investing heavily in more modern communication technology solutions. The company has been around for a while and offers their services to prisons, correctional facilities, law enforcement agencies and others. From communication technology to improved health care, the company is known to provide their services at a subsidized rate that is not heavy in the pockets of the prisoners and their loved ones. Securus Technologies aims to expand their services to many other areas such as educational programs for the prisoners through tablet technology. They would be allowed to study and also give exams to receive certifications.


Being in prison was hard for me as I was unable to look after my family who needed me. I was in prison for stealing and had to serve two years for it. It was during that time that Securus Technologies introduced their tablet-based system in prison. I was able to take up a course through it and took assessment tests that allowed us to get certification for it. It helped me get a job once I left the prison. I showed the potential employer that I regretted stealing and did something useful with my time in prison. I landed a job quite quickly and plan to stay clean.


It is only because of the efforts of Securus Technologies and their innovative services that people like me can start their life afresh after leaving the prison. My family and I have never been happier in our entire life.