Whitney Wolfe Uses Technology To Solve Social Issues

Bumble is the social network app that was founded by Whitney Wolfe over a year ago. Wolfe keeps herself busy moving between their offices in London, Los Angeles, and Austin.

She has based her company in Austin, where she says it gives her freedom to think without the worry of too many competitors. Wolfe and her team of six women stay busy in the headquarters office in Austin office.

Whitney Wolfe accepts the continuous interruptions to her day a successful start up requires. She constantly stays connected through her phone. She responds to her email at all hours of the day and night, respecting the fact that social media doesn’t rest. She attributes her timely and quick attention to all matters as one of her keys to success. She can’t even remember a night when she didn’t respond to an email in the middle of the night.

Bumble is like other dating apps, but there is one slight twist. Most dating apps have male users making the first move. This app has women making the first move. This unique feature responded well with women, who appreciated the more comfortable environment. Other dating apps earned a reputation for being used as pick up tactics by male users. Wolfe eliminated that problem.

Wolfe has always been an innovator and out of the box thinker. During her years in college, she brainstormed ideas to help solve problems. The BP oil spill in 2010 called Wolfe to action as she tried to figure out a way to help the organizations that were working to save the wildlife in the affected area. She made yoga and tote bags to help this cause. She found a distributor, designed the tote bags, and started selling them through social media.

Wolfe used this creativity and drive to help her design Bumble. Her dating app has helped female users to feel more comfortable using technology to connect.

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