Hussain Sajwani Builds A brighter Future For The People Of The United Arab Emirates

The oil and the gas-rich desert nation of the United Arab Emirates have been building a brighter future for itself over the last few years by diversifying its technological and industrial sectors to provide future success. Not being as reliant on the oil and gas industries has become a major part of the plan for the future of the nation and is being aided by a group of wealthy billionaire donors headed by luxury real estate mogul, Hussain Sajwani, and his DAMAC Properties group.


There are many social and industrial issues facing Hussain Sajwani which he wishes to play a major role in assisting with to build a brighter future for the UAE alongside many members of the Royal Family of the country. Not only does Hussain Sajwani hope to build his own career and future but the man described by the U.S. President Donald Trump as “a very, very amazing man” hopes to address many social issues.


Among the problems facing oil-rich nations such as the UAE are a lack of clothing, fuel, and food for those in low-income communities who require the assistance of wealthy philanthropists such as Hussain Sajwani. The development of a brighter future for all in the UAE and across the Middle East has seen the DAMAC owner become an active partner with the Red Crescent humanitarian group which has provided clothing to more than one million needy children based on the funding provided by Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC alone.


As a luxury real estate developer, Hussain Sajwani understands the need for the UAE to be at the heart of the development of new technologies and software which has led to the creation of the “One Million Coders” initiative which aims to educate the young people of UAE in computer coding and allow many of those struggling to find employment to build a strong career. The benefits for Hussain Sajwani are easy to see as the more impressive a society built in the UAE the more visitors will be willing to travel to Dubai and take advantage of the real estate development skills of Hussain Sajwani.

Fabletics: Bringing New Ideas to the Clothing Industry

For Fabletics to make sure they were helping people, they had to come up with new ideas for their business. Nearly everything else had been done in the clothing industry until Fabletics came on the scene. The newest thing, though, was that they were going to offer subscription services. They did their best to make things convenient for women and for the people who were their customers. They also did what they could to show people they could try different options. It gave them the motivation they needed to help others with the business aspect of things and with giving back to people who were trying more.


As long as Fabletics has been in business, they have been breaking boundaries and setting themselves apart from other people. Perhaps one of the biggest things they did was offer their customers the chance to have outfits that were perfectly styled to their needs. They can accomplish this through the use of their personal stylists. The stylists work with the customers to give them the chance to try different things out and do more with their wardrobe.


In addition to the personal stylists, Fabletics uses a lifestyle quiz. The lifestyle quiz was created for people to take. They were able to learn as much as possible about their own style and about the things they wanted if they were going to be able to shop with Fabletics. Trying out new things gave them the ability to do their best and gave them the chance to try different clothes. It also made things easier for them so they wouldn’t have to worry about how they were going to shop. The reverse showroom made things infinitely better for every customer that came to Fabletics.


As long as people were in different situations, they would be able to benefit from what Fabletics had to offer. Perhaps one of the biggest things the company was doing was giving everyone a chance at a better experience. Even the subscription service allowed people the chance to get the clothes they needed. It was convenient, it helped them realize they had more to do with their clothes than anything and it gave them a chance to try and make things work on their own. Fabletics knew this and also knew they could try to help their customers in every way possible with the clothing offerings they had for each of them.

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How Waiakea Water Stands Out From The Crowd

There are many companies selling brands of bottled water today. The industry overall is worth $100 billion and is global in its appeal. While even just a few decades ago most people would have scoffed at people buying bottled water nonetheless it has become a huge industry. In order to stand out from the crowd many bottled water companies do something unique with their brand, whether that’s adding in other nutrients, developing a unique filtration process, or in some other way.

Waiakea Water is one of the brands that stands out different from others. For one, it’s the only one that is sourced from a Hawaiian volcano. Because the volcanic rock naturally filters the water as it seeps down through it, Waiakea Water has a host of healthy minerals it naturally contains.

Another way that Waiakea Water is different from its competitors is when it comes to the actual water bottle. Their brand is not just made from 100% recycled plastic. They are now starting to incorporate a substance they helped to develop that will cause their water bottles to break down very rapidly compared to regular ones. Instead of languishing in a landfill for 1,500 years a Waiakea Water bottle will break down in just 15. That’s different. (See


Another way that Waiakea Water is unique is because being socially responsible is at the heart of the company and part of its mission statement. For every bottle of Waiakea Water that is sold a donation is made to get clean water to isolated villagers in Africa. The company partnered with Pump Aid to to make this happen. This organization installs easily maintained water pumps in villages which allows the residents to have a source of clean and safe water to drink and use for other purposes.




Waiakea Water is headed by its founder, Ryan Emmons. He is the company’s chief executive officer and oversees the daily activities of his company. He has said that his goal in establishing this company was to provide people with a great tasting and healthy water, delivered in an environmentally sensitive way, and giving back to the community. Visit This Page to learn more.


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Shiraz Boghani Offers His Expertise For The Hotel Industry

Shiraz Boghani has a successful history of negotiating hotel and single asset deals. He wears a lot of professional hats. He is presently the Founding Partner of Sojourn Hotels LLP. He also serves as its Chairman. He can also claim partnership with Sussex Health Care Limited.

An additional hat includes being a Managing Partner at The Splendid Hotels group where he occupies the Director’s Chair. The Splendid Hotel Group is one of the leading UK hotel groups that is privately owned. There are 20 hotels in their portfolio.

As mentioned, Boghani is an exceptional hotelier with over three decades of experience. One might say that he has a deep passion for his profession, which has resulted in several distinctive awards. These awards include “Hotelier of the Year” by the Asian Business Awards 2016. He has mastered the skills needed to combine leadership with his vast reservoir of knowledge concerning the hotel industry.


Shiraz Boghani originates from Kenya, and migrated in 1969 to the UK. There, he began his initial training as an account at a small firm. He has always been a smart, forward-thinking and astute business man. His alertness allowed him to key in on specific business development opportunities. One of those opportunities was Sussex Health Care. Founded in 1985, 500 beds and 18 care homes comprise its portfolio. Boghani also provides resources for charitable organizations and other services.

Boghani, as a managing partner and of Sojourn Hotel LLP, he is also involved in the acquisition, development, and the management of hotels. According to statistics, the hotel business saw some of its best occupancy numbers during 2017. The UK is a region that seems to be attracting investors as well as guests. This means a lot of deal making for those who navigate the industry.

Overall, tourism and travel are holding steady across the world. Factors include an outlook for domestic and international air travel, number of new hotels opened or planning to open, corporate profits, the stock market, and the industry’s utilization of capacity. Many of the numbers point in the right direction for 2018 expectations. Boghani continue to be a man on the move.


National Steel Car: From Bankruptcy to Success

Every company would experience failure sometime during their existence, but if they endure and faced the challenges head-on, the tides could turn, and they can become successful. The same fate happened with the National Steel Car, but they never surrendered the fight. Today, the company is recognized as the leading manufacturer of rolling stocks, and they are one of the fastest growing Canadian company. All of it became possible as they never let their guards down, and with strong and dedicated leadership under Gregory James Aziz, the company managed to grow tremendously through the years eclipsing their success during the first years of their operation.



More than a century ago in Hamilton, Ontario, several wealthy members of the community banded together to speak about the government’s project of creating a massive network of railroad for the Canadians to use. It will run from the eastern coast of the country to its barren western coast, connecting all of Canada’s territories and provinces. The wealthy individuals thought of creating a company that will greatly benefit from the project, and one of them had the idea of establishing a rolling stock manufacturing facility that will create train cars that can be sold to the government and other private rail transportation companies. After realizing that it would become successful, the group decided to establish the National Steel Car in 1912, as Imperial Car Inc.



The National Steel Car was the first of its kind in Canada, and investors are starting to put their money in the company with hopes that it will grow further, and their investments would come a long way. The government found out about the National Steel Car and they placed their order for new rolling stocks. Large rail transport companies also signed contracts with the National Steel Car to be their official rolling stock provider. The business is going strong, and the early years of National Steel Car’s operation is considered as its Golden Age. However, good things do not last. See This Article for additional information



The National Steel Car faced several crises after the 1920s, going through different owners until they were sold to Greg Aziz in 1994. Greg Aziz is a businessman and an entrepreneur who has experiences in the financial industry. He purchased the company with hopes of returning the company to its former glory, and because of his unique way of handling business and the continuous encouragement he is giving his employees, the company managed to bounce back and deliver satisfying results.


National Steel Car also loves giving back to the community. Greg Aziz and his wire sponsors the annual Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and the Anglestone Tournament.

National Steel Car Under The Leadership Of Gregory James Aziz


Gregory James Aziz purchased the National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994, and in just a short period of time, he managed to transform the company into one of his most valuable assets. During the time when Gregory J Aziz purchased the company, it was struggling from the effects of the rolling stock manufacturing crisis from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. He retained the 600 plus employees working at that time, and he told them that he believes in their skills and knowledge on how to operate the rolling stock manufacturing facility. He also added that their expertise is needed in order to return the company back to its former glory. The kind of leadership that Gregory James Aziz presented inspired the employees working for the National Steel Car, and they decided to work hard so that the company can attain new heights.


Seeing how small the labor force of the company is, Gregory James Aziz decided to employ an additional 2,400 employees to work at the manufacturing facility. The number of employees at the National Steel Car rose to more than 3,000, and Gregory James Aziz was told that he could not pay for all of their salaries. However, Gregory James Aziz remained positive putting his trust in the hands of the employees. Because the number of the workers rose, the number of rolling stocks manufactured also went higher. From more than 3,000 rolling stocks produced each year, the number rose to more than 12,000 rolling stocks manufactured. The products created by the employees are also of high quality, and Gregory James Aziz managed to sign deals and contracts with different railroad transport companies in Canada and the United States. The railroad transport companies decided to buy rolling stocks manufactured by the National Steel Car because of their quality.

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Under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, the company also received an ISO 9001:2008 certification, certifying that the company is operating under quality standards, and that the employees are receiving the benefits that are mandated by the government. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade. Gregory James Aziz is proud of his accomplishments, and the National Steel Car is one of those. He was awarded multiple times because of how he transformed the once struggling National Steel Car into one of the most successful manufacturing companies in Canada. Gregory James Aziz, when receiving the awards, thanked his dedicated employees who are working hard to create high quality rolling stocks. (View Source:

How Gregory Aziz Is Influencing The Freight Industry

The freight industry has struggled for a long time. There have been many issues with it and that has led to some issues for people who are trying to make things better on their own. Gregory Aziz knew this when he got involved with the freight industry, but he wanted to make sure he was helping other people out with the issues they were facing. One of the main reasons he chose to be a part of the steel car industry was because he was going to make money from it. The other reason he had chosen to do it was to help an industry that was failing and was becoming detrimental for the people who were working in it.


Since Gregory J Aziz wanted to make sure he was doing things right, he spent a lot of time getting the experience that would be required to run a business. He became extremely sought after because he was so successful at fixing businesses and making them better. In addition, he knew he would be able to try different things if he was able to help people with their issues. For Gregory Aziz to do this, he had to be sure he was helping instead of hurting those who were in the situations he liked. See This Page for related information.


National Steel Car was established in 1912 under the name Imperial Steel Car. NSC was the perfect chance for Greg Aziz to make sure he was helping people. He was also making sure there would be a chance for him to do his best to the industry standards. When Gregory Aziz had started National Steel Car, he saw there was some value in the industry. He also saw there was something he could do to try and make things better for those who were in a bad situation. It is what led Aziz to try new things and even being a part of the industry.


For Gregory Aziz to do all of these things, he had to try to show others what they needed from him. Gregory J Aziz came up with several different development options for steel cars. One of the biggest things he did was make sure he was helping people realize what they were missing by not using the produced steel cars. Aziz taught them that in a failing industry, having the best steel cars and the best options available to them would give them the ability to continue making money and staying relevant in the industry.

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The Rising Obsidian Energy

The Obsidian Energy Company remained Penn West Exploration Limited until 26 June this year when it changed its name after lengthy consultation and approval by the shareholders. It is a mid-sized company with Canadian roots which exclusively deals with the production of oil and natural gas, and its located in Calgary, Alberta. Its situation was informed by the presence of oil and gas-rich fields. Obsidian’s oil production comes from three key areas in Alberta: the Alberta Viking, the Pembina Cardium and the Peace River Oil Sands.


As anticipated, this company reached its maximum market capitalization in 2008 when it gradually started declining from an estimate of $9.5 billion. Since then, the company underwent pressing difficulties in operation and financing of its activities when the oil prices dropped by a large margin. Due to this, it opted to restructure by selling most of its assets within the following two years.

To survive the company was compelled to apply several measures including the sale of assets, laying off some workers and cutting a significant level of production. The debt was reduced by such a considerable percentage from $3 billion to $ 384 million just through the sale of assets. It was a significant relief to the company thanks to their decisiveness. On the other hand, around 1100 workers were laid off with the firm retaining only 300 of them. Meanwhile, production got cut from 13500 barrels to 28000 barrels of oil, a day equivalent.


It is now a much manageable company, and since a new president and Chief Executive Officer, David L. French was given the mantle of leadership of the company, everything seems to be moving in the right direction. Obsidian is now in a better position and with the recommended number of assets as well as promising balance sheet.


Obsidian Energy is a very responsible company concerning community health, environmental conservation, and corporate governance. As for community health, it has a culture of communicating openly to its immediate community, acting promptly on issues of concern relating to their operations. As a matter of commitment, they have an email and a toll-free number through which they can get reached in cases of non-emergence questions regarding their services.


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Obsidian Energy Cares About the Community

Obsidian Energy is involved in the business of producing oil and gas with an asset base that produces about 30,000 boe per day. The company’s management, together with its asset base, provides the right medium for delivering positive results. Its core values revolve around discipline and passion, and accountability to its shareholders. It is a company that believes in community engagement and always strives to form partnerships with the communities within which they operate.



The firm was initially known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd but later rebranded to become Obsidian Energy in 2017. The company engages the local communities through their Community Matters program and aim at conducting responsible and respectful operations within such communities. It encourages its employees and contractors to engage openly with the local communities to address pertinent concerns that might arise as a result of their activities of producing oil and gas. It also strives to minimize the impact its activities have on the environment. It has set up environmental programs that aim to meet or exceed environmental rules and regulations, embrace communication among stakeholders including the adoption of proper site abandonment and reclamation practices. (Find Related Information Here.)



Safety is of key importance to the company’s activities. It has a wide range of safety programs aimed at cushioning and protecting its employees and the local community in general. These programs act as mitigating measures against environmental degradation and also for serious accidents. The company continues to adapt stringent safety standards, training, programs, awareness and employee and contractor safety. Obsidian Energy has the ability to respond to any emergency situation promptly and safely.



It maintains a comprehensive Emergency Response Programs in all its activities. These ERPs have been developed in collaboration with the local or volunteer emergency organizations and major stakeholders in the communities. This consultative approach is aimed at ensuring that the company’s procedures and responsibilities are clear in case of emergencies. These regulations and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis with the technical information and current stakeholders. These activities are shared to the local communities through awareness initiatives and response training programs with first responder groups and stakeholders.



An AvaTrade Review, A Smarter Way to Trade

Established in 2006, AvaTrade is brokerage started by a group of experts in finance. Emanual Kronitz, Clal Finance, and Negev Nosatzki. AvaTrade has made name for themselves as one of the premier forex brokers worldwide.

AvaTrade has two main trading features, AvaTrader and MetaTrader 4. AvaTrader is usable on platforms such as desktop, laptops, tablets, and smartphone devices. With this tool, you are able to view an analysis of the market and use certain indicators. With these indicators, you can run testing and research on Forex and CFD trades. AvaTrader also allows traders to set up automatic trading so work can be done without effort. MetaTrader 4 is very similar to AvaTrader, the only difference is allowing to trade Forex, indices, and commodities. MetaTrader 4 also allows for a wider spread, as low as 0.8 pips for forex trading.

With AvaTrade you can set up different accounts as well. With all accounts you have access to webinars, courses online, withdrawals from your account that are free, market news, an Ava credit card, and much more. With AvaTrade you can have access to tons of types of orders. AvaTrade offers tons of services such as CFD trading, Bitcoin trading, CFD rollover feature, Language, Security, special trade features, financial instruments.

The benefits of AvaTrade are staggering compared to other brokerage groups. Being a group that is actually licensed and regulated help establish trust with our clients. We allow traders to invest as much as they want with our lowest account requiring only $100 dollars. AvaTrade gives tons of leverage being able to place trades at $400 for every $1 the account you set up. Trading will become easier for novices also because of the learning modules and training webinars available for whoever wants to take advantage of them. Servicing over 200,000 clients worldwide with a monthly trading volume of over $60 billion dollars, many people are switching to AvaTrade. With new traders joining we offer generous deposit bonuses on your initial deposit and rewards for reaching certain trading volumes.

AvaTrade has proven by numbers and reviews as a top Forex trading company.